Our Favorite Cammy-Cam Moments


Because there are only 2 days left until football season, here are some of our favorite #2 Cam Newton moments. He might be #2 on the field, but he will always be #1 in the Auburn Family’s heart.

2 days cammy camAnytime he smiles


The adorable moment when he saw his statue in-front of Jordan-Hare for the first time.


The moments after the 2010 Iron Bowl – Also known as the Cam-Back.

Oh Cam, such a jokester


When he does his classic “Cammy-Cam Superman” pose


After Auburn won the SEC Championship and made confetti angels


After Auburn won the National Championship and he got to hold that crystal. 


When Cam and Aubie were total BFFs


After he won his Heisman… That smile.


When he returned to Auburn after being drafted to finish his degree.


When he brought donuts for his whole class.


When he gave the student section some love <3.


When he hugs his Role Model, and fellow Heisman Trophy Winner, BO Jackson.


When he literally flew like SuperMan into the in-zone


When he made the Auburn Family so proud by going #1 in the NFL Draft


When he channeled is inner BO Jackson by going over the top for a TD.


We love you Cam, thanks for being you. 



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15 Signs You Went To Auburn

hannah15 signs you went to AU graphic

1. You know that no other mascot comes close to Aubie.

– Aubie is considered the most decorated mascot of all time. Aubie has won more National Championships than any other mascot. He also wears some pretty incredible outfits.

   IMG_2002_edit       52aa525827f18.image

2. You know that you can always get your Momma’s Love, even though you’re far away from home.

– No, not your real mama’s love. Momma Goldbergs. Momma Goldbergs is a true Auburn original. While there might be franchises all over the country today, Auburn fans know that Momma G herself will always scream “War Eagle!”

individual-store-banner   signature-sandwiches-img1

3. You now know how to navigate through The Haley Center like a champ.

– It might have taken a few years to understand what in the world a quadrant was, but you eventually figured it out. (Even if that does mean NEVER straying to your one tried and true route to get to your classroom)


4. We know how to win…. In unbelievable fashions

Punt Bama Punt – 17-16


BO Over the Top


The Cam Back – 2010 Iron Bowl, 28-27


The Miracle in Jordan Hare – The Old South’s Oldest Rivalry


Are we forgetting one? Hold on a sec…..

Oh yeah.

The Kick Six – 2013 Iron Bowl


5. You know the difference between a mascot and a battle cry.

– No, we are not the “Auburn Eagles” and no, we never say “GEAUX Tigers!” – who are we, LSU?

eagle 10143973-large 8371107

6. You know what it takes to make a hard-earned “A”.

– Former Duke Professor and creator of GradeInflation.com, Stuart Rojstaczer, created a list of the the hardest schools to get an A – Auburn was ranked among the nation’s toughest colleges to get an ‘A,’ coming in at #5.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.21.17 PM

7. You know how to tailgate.

– Auburn is ranked year after year as one of the top 25 college football tailgating schools in the country. Our tailgates are more over the top than most people’s Thanksgiving dinners.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.01.35 PMcdcad8a8cd44e0bd05fe53e67d35efcf

8. You know fast…. Auburn Fast

-Our head football coach, Coach Malzahn, has completely revolutionized the hurry-up no huddle offense. Trust us, if you blink you might just miss another first down, just ask Nick Saban.


9. You know what it means to be a part of a family.

– The Auburn Family


10. You believe in work, hard work.

– Just ask some of our Alumni: Tim Cook, Octavia Spencer, and various Auburn astronauts, just to name a few.

tim-cook-auburn-speech-1024x534 url576935main_jan_davis_822x538 imgres

11. You know that Auburn traditions never die.

– Rolling Toomer’s Corner

oaks12 Toomer-Corner-Trees-Poisoned-Toilet-Paper

12. You know that Auburn traditions are often imitated – NEVER duplicated.

-Auburn’s “Tiger Walk” is considered the most copied tradition in all of College sports.

10596028   400-tigerwalk-b

13. You know that entering Jordan Hare Stadium on gameday is sacred – so we wear our Sunday best.

– It’s not uncommon to see ladies in dresses, and guys wearing bow ties on gameday.

arkansagamejpg-cbb62aaf98702336_large Game Day 4

14. You know athleticism when you see it.

Pat Sullivan – Heisman Trophy Winner


The Legend: Bo Jackson – Heisman Trophy Winner, Named Greatest Athlete of All Time’ by ESPN


Charles Barkley – Considered one of the best basketball players of all time


Cam Newton – Heisman Trophy Winner, first overall pick in 2011 NFL Draft


Frank Thomas – The Big Hurt

676160_LS-Frank-Thomas 15477015-mmmain

Auburn Olympians – At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Auburn swimmers combined to capture 13 medals, more than doubling the former Auburn record of six medals in single Games. The 13 medals also gave Auburn the most among all colleges and universities during the swimming porting of the Beijing Olympics.


15. You know what it takes to beat Alabama….

– 0:01




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Only If You’re Obsessed with Football Season

jenna blog bio 2

You plan months in advance for this moment, and when you hear the magical words, football season, there’s a feeling in your heart that you cannot explain. If this is you, you might be obsessed with football season. It’s okay. No one is judging. But just to make sure that you are truly obsessed, I’ve listed a few more indications that you may have come down with a case of Football Fever.

1. You plan important events around the football schedule.

Even important events like weddings…

wedding phoyo

2. The first question you ask when meeting someone is “Do you go for Auburn or Alabama?”


3. Your friendship relies on the answer to the question above.


4. You can never show too much team spirit.
16-Student-Section-(Auburn)-2048x12805. Being featured on the jumbo-torn is an honor.


6. Seeing a team member off the field is like meeting a celebrity.

giphy (1)

7. You get emotional during the pump-up video.


8. When you see a stranger with the Auburn logo on, you immediately feel a family connection.


9.  Your mood for the next week depends on the outcome of the game.

It can only go one of two ways…

Excited for a week

Or torn to pieces for a week

giphy (2)

10. You deal with the off-season by re-living last season.

auburnmiraclekick 6

11. But not to worry our Auburn Football Obsessed fans. Football is almost here. 11863441_700444376726163_370745810315328773_n

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National Dog Day: Auburn Pups Style

Happy National Dog Day to all of our War Eagle Pups out there! We asked the Auburn Family to submit photos of their War Eagle Pups to the AU Bookstore, and we couldn’t help but share the cuteness. Enjoy.

If you would like your War Eagle pup added to this blog and to our Facebook page – please submit photos to our Facebook page. War Eagle and Happy National Dog day!











Why the Auburn University Cheerleaders are the Best Cheerleaders


The Auburn Cheerleading squad invited the AU Bookstore crew to attend one of their Summer practices, and wow, were we impressed. And we all came to a quick realization: We are obsessed with the Auburn Cheerleaders.

We’ve narrowed it down, and have listed the top 16 reasons on why Auburn Cheerleaders are the Best Cheerleader #ever.

  1. First off these kids look GOOD. Auburn Cheerleaders are always looking sharp.


(it must be the shirts that the AU Bookstore donated, available in-store at the AU Bookstore)

2. They’ve got some sweet moves.


3. Their sweaters. Where can I get one of these???!!!?!?


4. The male cheerleaders are LEGIT. Talk about strength. Do you have any idea how heavy those flags are?!?! 


Nov 3, 2012; Auburn, AL, USA: Auburn Tigers cheerleaders carry Auburn flags after the Tigers scored a touchdown against the New Mexico State Aggies at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Tigers beat the Aggies 42-7. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

5. And the ladies also perform some pretty impressive tricks. These girls are athletes, and have the skills to prove it.

10593235_793822457342881_2216436588726356863_n 10616208_793823140676146_6514114175294819437_n

6. Our Co-Head Cheerleaders, Jessy and Will  are pretty awesome. These two are amazing leaders of the squad.


7. They are so full of Auburn Spirit it hurts.


8. Win or lose, Auburn Cheerleaders NEVER stop cheering on our Tigers.


9. Their pyramids and stunts are pretty cray, and completely awesome.


How in the world did they get up there??? #madskillz

10. They are extremely kind. It’s not uncommon to see an AU Cheerleader going out of their way to say hello to a little Tiger or help out a fellow Auburn Family member.


11. They are scholars.


12. They’ve got friends in high places.


Coach Malzahn


Coach Pearl



13. They are selfie masters.


14. The Cheerleaders and the Mic Man are the leaders of College Football’s most legendary Student Section. 

15774_784012421657218_1377706756597613427_n 10622905_784012358323891_3499949089023336700_n

15. Practice makes perfect. The Auburn Cheerleaders are some of the most hardworking athletes on campus.

DSC_1924 DSC_1943

16. Auburn Cheerleaders are the classiest and most traditional Cheerleaders in the US.



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Star Wars Explains Auburn Syllabus Week

Jennings Blog Bio

A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY you were in sitting in class, counting down the days till Summer. Now Summer is over and you have to readjust to college life. Your first Jedi mission: Syllabus Week.

Star Wars gif

When class starts you try to remember how to hold a pencil because you haven’t written anything since last semester.

hand gif

You start to dose off and realize you should have gotten more sleep before your 8 am.

jaba sleeping

Your Professor starts going over the syllabus and advises you not to procrastinate or cram for projects.

200 (2)

Then assigns a lot of homework even though it is Syllabus Week.

Padme gif

The Professor then says you’ll have plenty of time to get it all done, but you don’t believe him.

darth vader gif

You start to get stressed out and have to remind yourself why college is important.

learn the ways of the force gif

But there is a New Hope. Be confident in yourself. (As confident as this guy, who thinks he was kicked.)

luke miss kick gif

Take a deep breath,


Because you can be anything you want to be, if you believe in yourself.
Darth Pug gifCat jedi gif

Like Master Yoda always says:

200 (1)

Plus when you get home you get to go back to sleep.

AT AT falling


Things NOT to say during Syllabus Week, because it makes a bad first impression:200take the proff gif

FYI Star Wars AU Fans:

Auburn Star Wars merchandise is now on sale at the AU Bookstore!StarWars_ComingSoon_Auburn-3


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| Welcome Home |

Jennings Blog Bio

welcome home samford

Orange and blue, football games, and ‘War Eagles.’ This is what comes to mind when people imagine Auburn University. But when we fantasize about Auburn we see orange and blue sunsets, miracles in Jordan-Hare, and the beauty, power, and discipline in an eagle’s wings. From the outside Auburn is just another southern university with passionate fans. However, the moment you step on the plains of east Alabama, you realize it’s so much more. It is bigger than a football game or a diploma. Auburn’s roots are deeper. Lots of schools have fans. Auburn is family.

While you are in college, Auburn gives you a family away from home, a group of people to help you grow into the adult you aim to be. After graduation Auburn becomes a home for some alumni to raise their own little tigers. Auburn is more than a University. Auburn is a town, a family, and a home to all who wish to be apart of it. The Auburn Family is a feeling deep in your heart that ties you to everyone around you. It brings people together. Auburn is enough. Saying “War Eagle!” to a stranger in an Auburn hat creates an instant connection, whether you are on Samford lawn or half way across the world.

I grew up behind enemy lines in Georgia. When I was little, my mom always told me that if I ever was lost, just yell, “War Eagle!” and someone I could trust would come help me. I saw the love my parents had for Auburn and even though I was too young to understand, I wanted to have it too. The best part of any year was when my parents would take me to Auburn for football games. Auburn was Heaven on Earth for me. Now, I am a student at Auburn University and I understand my parents’ love for Auburn: it’s called the Auburn Family.

Our family is returning home from their summer adventures. This means that the Concourse is about to be crowded again. But don’t fret, because when the Auburn Family gathers in large numbers, miracles happen. Whether it’s a Kick Six, a Hail Mary, or a comeback for your GPA, great things happen when we are together.

Auburn is more than a University. It is a feeling of Tradition. It is a family. It is a place of miracles. It is home.


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