GameDay in the life of an Auburn University Marching Band Member

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For the Auburn University Marching Band, marching on football Saturdays starts long before game day. Week-in and week-out, band members spend hours nailing routines, memorizing steps and mentally preparing for the task ahead of them.

Lets walk in the shoes of a member on Gameday….

GameDay Morning Practices

When the sun rises above Jordan Hare stadium on gameday morning, most Auburn fans are still asleep. But not the Auburn Marching Band, before sunrise, we are already hard at work preparing for our performances ahead. Gameday practices last two – three hours and get us excited for the day ahead!

Ending rehearsals with the Alma Mater and a giant ‘War Eagle’

After every gameday rehearsal, the band links together to hear a pep talk from the band director, Dr. Spurlin, and to sing the Alma mater. This tradition is one of our favorites because we have a moment to reflect together on what we have worked so hard on in the previous weeks.  The Auburn family is one thing, but the Auburn Band family is a family in itself. We bond through the heat, fatigue of practice and a common goal, making us a family of support that we can fall back on no matter what.

 Tiger Walk, Pep Rallys, and March Around

The band breaks up into four smaller spirit bands in the hours leading up to home games. Each band can be found in one of four areas: Wallace Hall infront of the Auburn Arena, beside the Auburn Wellness and Recreation Center, beside the Student Center, or at the corner of Sanford Avenue and Donahue Drive known for being the location of Tiger Walk. The four bands then congregate at the intersection on Donahue and Heisman for a pep rally and then enter the stadium together. Then before pregame, we gather to do a full march around the stadium playing ‘War Eagle’ and Glory.

 Fans are a favorite part of a a band members gameday!

We all know, Auburn has the best fans!

R.A.T. Program

Auburn welcomes its new members with a program called the R.A.T. program (Rookie Auburn Tiger). Designed to help ease the transition from high school to college, the program assigns a R.A.T. mom to each freshman boy and a R.A.T. dad to each freshman girl. Family duties include: mentoring, marching and music help, campus directions, the works. Basically, the R.A.T. program gives you an automatic friend to help you figure out if that cute guy or cute girl is flirting with you. They also help getting waters and necessities to members before pregame and halftime and various functions.

2016 R.A.T. Leaders


Marching out of the tunnel for pregame is one of the greatest things in the entire world; there’s no way to share the feeling that you get. The crowd is on its feet as the band hits the familiar notes of “War Eagle.” The band begins its faced paced high-step march down the field as the crowd claps and sings along “War Eagle, fly down the field, ever to conquer, never to yield.” You can’t put it into words. We have such an adrenaline rush when we come out and hear the crowd.


The AUMB requires planning and countless hours of practice to create a successful show. Four goals members try to follow are performance, ambassadorship, spirit and enjoyment. We always want to be great ambassadors for Auburn because we’re wearing the colors, and we feel like we’re carrying on the tradition of many, many years. We want to have great spirit and keep the spirit of Jordan-Hare alive and electric. And then after all that, we want to enjoy our experience in the band.

Playing in the stands

The band helps to create the atmosphere of Auburn Football, celebrating every first down, touchdown and triumph of the season. The ‘tiger eyes’ have choreographed routines for each song the band plays. The band plays traditional songs such as War Eagle, Glory, Tiger Rag, and Word Up while adding new favorites like Cant Hold Us.

Making friends that last a lifetime

Through being apart of the AUMB, you meet your best friends who become your support system and family. I have met the girls who will be in my wedding through this great organization. It is truly an experience that you will never forget.

 My name is Rachel Ware and I am honored to be entering my fifth year as a majorette in the AUMB. The AUMB is truly a group of dedicated and determined students who set high standards for themselves and the friends you make and the wonderful experiences you have creates a lasting, positive impact on your life. Being a part of this great  organization is an experience of a lifetime and has made my college experience so wonderful. We hope you enjoy watching the AUMB perform in the 2016-2017 football season!

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