Our Top 5 Iron Bowl Moments

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Thanksgiving has passed and you are stuffed from your favorite home cooked meals. Now there is only one more craving to satisfy, beating Alabama during the Iron Bowl. There is no greater feeling than having a years worth of bragging rights, and replaying the game over and over in your mind. And that is only if you are not actually re-watching the game at home to relive the glory. Iron Bowl knows no season record,  and there’s no doubt that this game tends to bring about miracles.

Here is a list of our top 5 Iron Bowl moments in Auburn history that really shows what miracles look like…

1. “Punt Bama Punt”- 1972

Thanks to Bill Newton, and David Langner for two amazing punt block returns the final Score came to Auburn 28- Alabama 27


2. “Bo Over The Top”- 1982

The stunning Freshman, Bo Jackson, takes a fourth-down one yard plunge to bring the final score to Auburn 23- Alabama 22


3. “The Sack Game”-2005

How many different ways can you sack Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle? 11 to be exact. Final Score Auburn 28- Alabama 18

The_Sack_Game_Auburn_vs_Alabama_2005 (3)


4. “The Camback”-2010

Cam Newton brings Auburn back from a 24 point deficit to an amazing Victory with a final score of Auburn 28-Alabama 27


5. “Kick Six”-2013

I think we all remember what happened during this game. Chris Davis takes the ball 100 yards for the winning touchdown bringing the score Auburn 34- Alabama 28

Kick six gif


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