Things we would like to see featured on the new jumbotron

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I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready to see the new jumbotron in action this Saturday during the first home-game against Jacksonville State. Every time I ride by the stadium I am amazed at how big our new screen is, and how it will be virtually capable of anything. This got me to thinking….. What would be awesome to see featured on the jumbotron?

 Jumbotron operator, if you are reading: This is what we’d like to see on the largest video screen in college football this season.

How about featuring the run-out. Nothing gets me more emotional than seeing the Auburn Tigers run out into the stadium. The dramatic fog and the roaring of the fans in the stadium. AH!JT runout

And speaking of roaring fans…how about the interesting game day attire we see in the student section? (Keep doin’ you, guy with the painted Tiger stripes and Tiger fangs, you’re awesome)

JT student section

Then comes the soaring of the eagle. Does anyone else get as inspired as I do? WAARRRR EEAAGGGLLLEEE HEY!

JT eagle

And of course, it’s always exciting to see Aubie in his many outfits. Do we have the best mascot or what?


The jumbotron must feature Coach Malzahn’s BOOM! Because we all know the plains will definitely be BOOM-ing this weekend.

JT gusAnd of course you can’t have a Coach Malzhan feature without a Coach Muschamp feature. Is it just me or is anyone else impressed with how calm Muschamp stays during the games?

JT muschamp better

But I know a way to get Muschamp to smile, feature the auburn flag in the end zone, because you know what that means. AUBURN SCORED! Oh how that beautiful flag waves in the wind.

JT Flag

Finally it’s half-time. This is normally a time for bathroom breaks and refills on your refreshments. But for Auburn fans, it’s time to be amazed by the Auburn University Marching Band. I’ve never seen knees so high.

JT Marching band

And don’t forget about half-time guest appearances. It would be pretty amazing to see Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, and of course Cam Newton’s smile featured on our spectacular jumbotron. It would feel like we are standing right next to them.

JT bo, sullivan, and cam

I hate to be rude, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an upset Nick Saban featured on the jumbotron come November 28th. Then again, that may be hard to catch since he has a permanent mad face.

JT nick saban

Back to more appealing faces. Nothing soothes the soul more than to see a young Auburn fan. He looks so focused!


How about another miracle? Another kick-six, another Hail Mary pass. We want to the dramatic Auburn football moments that make your jaw drop. We want athleticism, we want dominance, we want WOW, we want AUBURN FOOTBALL.

miracle jumbotron

And right before the game is over, the jumbotron must feature the greatest fans in the SEC coming together to chant “It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger”.

JT fans

See you at the game Auburn family. And announcement to the jumbotron operator: if it doesn’t get featured on the jumbotron, did it really even happen?


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