15 Signs You Went To Auburn

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1. You know that no other mascot comes close to Aubie.

– Aubie is considered the most decorated mascot of all time. Aubie has won more National Championships than any other mascot. He also wears some pretty incredible outfits.

   IMG_2002_edit       52aa525827f18.image

2. You know that you can always get your Momma’s Love, even though you’re far away from home.

– No, not your real mama’s love. Momma Goldbergs. Momma Goldbergs is a true Auburn original. While there might be franchises all over the country today, Auburn fans know that Momma G herself will always scream “War Eagle!”

individual-store-banner   signature-sandwiches-img1

3. You now know how to navigate through The Haley Center like a champ.

– It might have taken a few years to understand what in the world a quadrant was, but you eventually figured it out. (Even if that does mean NEVER straying to your one tried and true route to get to your classroom)


4. We know how to win…. In unbelievable fashions

Punt Bama Punt – 17-16


BO Over the Top


The Cam Back – 2010 Iron Bowl, 28-27


The Miracle in Jordan Hare – The Old South’s Oldest Rivalry


Are we forgetting one? Hold on a sec…..

Oh yeah.

The Kick Six – 2013 Iron Bowl


5. You know the difference between a mascot and a battle cry.

– No, we are not the “Auburn Eagles” and no, we never say “GEAUX Tigers!” – who are we, LSU?

eagle 10143973-large 8371107

6. You know what it takes to make a hard-earned “A”.

– Former Duke Professor and creator of GradeInflation.com, Stuart Rojstaczer, created a list of the the hardest schools to get an A – Auburn was ranked among the nation’s toughest colleges to get an ‘A,’ coming in at #5.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.21.17 PM

7. You know how to tailgate.

– Auburn is ranked year after year as one of the top 25 college football tailgating schools in the country. Our tailgates are more over the top than most people’s Thanksgiving dinners.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 3.01.35 PMcdcad8a8cd44e0bd05fe53e67d35efcf

8. You know fast…. Auburn Fast

-Our head football coach, Coach Malzahn, has completely revolutionized the hurry-up no huddle offense. Trust us, if you blink you might just miss another first down, just ask Nick Saban.


9. You know what it means to be a part of a family.

– The Auburn Family


10. You believe in work, hard work.

– Just ask some of our Alumni: Tim Cook, Octavia Spencer, and various Auburn astronauts, just to name a few.

tim-cook-auburn-speech-1024x534 url576935main_jan_davis_822x538 imgres

11. You know that Auburn traditions never die.

– Rolling Toomer’s Corner

oaks12 Toomer-Corner-Trees-Poisoned-Toilet-Paper

12. You know that Auburn traditions are often imitated – NEVER duplicated.

-Auburn’s “Tiger Walk” is considered the most copied tradition in all of College sports.

10596028   400-tigerwalk-b

13. You know that entering Jordan Hare Stadium on gameday is sacred – so we wear our Sunday best.

– It’s not uncommon to see ladies in dresses, and guys wearing bow ties on gameday.

arkansagamejpg-cbb62aaf98702336_large Game Day 4

14. You know athleticism when you see it.

Pat Sullivan – Heisman Trophy Winner


The Legend: Bo Jackson – Heisman Trophy Winner, Named Greatest Athlete of All Time’ by ESPN


Charles Barkley – Considered one of the best basketball players of all time


Cam Newton – Heisman Trophy Winner, first overall pick in 2011 NFL Draft


Frank Thomas – The Big Hurt

676160_LS-Frank-Thomas 15477015-mmmain

Auburn Olympians – At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Auburn swimmers combined to capture 13 medals, more than doubling the former Auburn record of six medals in single Games. The 13 medals also gave Auburn the most among all colleges and universities during the swimming porting of the Beijing Olympics.


15. You know what it takes to beat Alabama….

– 0:01




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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Roger Chassay says:

    It’s an excellent read, but they shouldn’t call their impressive number of astronauts as a “countless number”. And, it’s VERY DOUBTFUL that Aubie has more national championships than any other mascot!!

    1. aubookstore says:

      Hey Roger! Thanks for your input. But it is true that Aubie has more National Championships than any other mascot. Aubie won his 8th title in Orlando in January. We are so proud of him! You can read the official press release from Auburn Athletics website: http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/011714aak.html

  2. While I never officially attended Auburn University, I was born nearby (EAMC) and raised just outside of town on Lake Martin, I can definitely relate to most of this list! The Auburn area has always been inclusive of not only students but their local communities. I even feel like part of the Auburn Family and get chills when I see the Auburn Creed commercials.

    I may have opted to pursue higher education at another instate university (NOT a rival of any sort) but I can’t help myself. Dammit, I have and will always believe in Auburn, and love it!

    War Eagle to everyone out there! Let’s do this 2015!

    1. aubookstore says:

      War Eagle Neil! That is what the Auburn Family is all about!

  3. Eleta Parris says:

    Great list. My grandfather graduated from Auburn (API) in 1905, and I am an alum as well. It is a much a part of me as are my green eyes. It’s great to be a member of the Auburn Family.

  4. Martha Nell (Awbrey) Carlton says:

    Auburn grad/June 1964. My Grandfather, Capt. Tom Greene, was one of the AU night policeman, & the one that lit the GA Bulldog barn fire for many years. Our Grandmother was delighted when that time came around – she knew she would be getting a new mop:-) Martha Awbrey/Smith Carlton…..WARRRRRR EAGLE !!!!

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