Only If You’re Obsessed with Football Season

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You plan months in advance for this moment, and when you hear the magical words, football season, there’s a feeling in your heart that you cannot explain. If this is you, you might be obsessed with football season. It’s okay. No one is judging. But just to make sure that you are truly obsessed, I’ve listed a few more indications that you may have come down with a case of Football Fever.

1. You plan important events around the football schedule.

Even important events like weddings…

wedding phoyo

2. The first question you ask when meeting someone is “Do you go for Auburn or Alabama?”


3. Your friendship relies on the answer to the question above.


4. You can never show too much team spirit.
16-Student-Section-(Auburn)-2048x12805. Being featured on the jumbo-torn is an honor.


6. Seeing a team member off the field is like meeting a celebrity.

giphy (1)

7. You get emotional during the pump-up video.


8. When you see a stranger with the Auburn logo on, you immediately feel a family connection.


9.  Your mood for the next week depends on the outcome of the game.

It can only go one of two ways…

Excited for a week

Or torn to pieces for a week

giphy (2)

10. You deal with the off-season by re-living last season.

auburnmiraclekick 6

11. But not to worry our Auburn Football Obsessed fans. Football is almost here. 11863441_700444376726163_370745810315328773_n

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