Why the Auburn University Cheerleaders are the Best Cheerleaders


The Auburn Cheerleading squad invited the AU Bookstore crew to attend one of their Summer practices, and wow, were we impressed. And we all came to a quick realization: We are obsessed with the Auburn Cheerleaders.

We’ve narrowed it down, and have listed the top 16 reasons on why Auburn Cheerleaders are the Best Cheerleader #ever.

  1. First off these kids look GOOD. Auburn Cheerleaders are always looking sharp.


(it must be the shirts that the AU Bookstore donated, available in-store at the AU Bookstore)

2. They’ve got some sweet moves.


3. Their sweaters. Where can I get one of these???!!!?!?


4. The male cheerleaders are LEGIT. Talk about strength. Do you have any idea how heavy those flags are?!?! 


Nov 3, 2012; Auburn, AL, USA: Auburn Tigers cheerleaders carry Auburn flags after the Tigers scored a touchdown against the New Mexico State Aggies at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Tigers beat the Aggies 42-7. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

5. And the ladies also perform some pretty impressive tricks. These girls are athletes, and have the skills to prove it.

10593235_793822457342881_2216436588726356863_n 10616208_793823140676146_6514114175294819437_n

6. Our Co-Head Cheerleaders, Jessy and Will  are pretty awesome. These two are amazing leaders of the squad.


7. They are so full of Auburn Spirit it hurts.


8. Win or lose, Auburn Cheerleaders NEVER stop cheering on our Tigers.


9. Their pyramids and stunts are pretty cray, and completely awesome.


How in the world did they get up there??? #madskillz

10. They are extremely kind. It’s not uncommon to see an AU Cheerleader going out of their way to say hello to a little Tiger or help out a fellow Auburn Family member.


11. They are scholars.


12. They’ve got friends in high places.


Coach Malzahn


Coach Pearl



13. They are selfie masters.


14. The Cheerleaders and the Mic Man are the leaders of College Football’s most legendary Student Section. 

15774_784012421657218_1377706756597613427_n 10622905_784012358323891_3499949089023336700_n

15. Practice makes perfect. The Auburn Cheerleaders are some of the most hardworking athletes on campus.

DSC_1924 DSC_1943

16. Auburn Cheerleaders are the classiest and most traditional Cheerleaders in the US.



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