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Orange and blue, football games, and ‘War Eagles.’ This is what comes to mind when people imagine Auburn University. But when we fantasize about Auburn we see orange and blue sunsets, miracles in Jordan-Hare, and the beauty, power, and discipline in an eagle’s wings. From the outside Auburn is just another southern university with passionate fans. However, the moment you step on the plains of east Alabama, you realize it’s so much more. It is bigger than a football game or a diploma. Auburn’s roots are deeper. Lots of schools have fans. Auburn is family.

While you are in college, Auburn gives you a family away from home, a group of people to help you grow into the adult you aim to be. After graduation Auburn becomes a home for some alumni to raise their own little tigers. Auburn is more than a University. Auburn is a town, a family, and a home to all who wish to be apart of it. The Auburn Family is a feeling deep in your heart that ties you to everyone around you. It brings people together. Auburn is enough. Saying “War Eagle!” to a stranger in an Auburn hat creates an instant connection, whether you are on Samford lawn or half way across the world.

I grew up behind enemy lines in Georgia. When I was little, my mom always told me that if I ever was lost, just yell, “War Eagle!” and someone I could trust would come help me. I saw the love my parents had for Auburn and even though I was too young to understand, I wanted to have it too. The best part of any year was when my parents would take me to Auburn for football games. Auburn was Heaven on Earth for me. Now, I am a student at Auburn University and I understand my parents’ love for Auburn: it’s called the Auburn Family.

Our family is returning home from their summer adventures. This means that the Concourse is about to be crowded again. But don’t fret, because when the Auburn Family gathers in large numbers, miracles happen. Whether it’s a Kick Six, a Hail Mary, or a comeback for your GPA, great things happen when we are together.

Auburn is more than a University. It is a feeling of Tradition. It is a family. It is a place of miracles. It is home.


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