Situations Everyone has Been through on College Move-In Day

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You are almost out of your parent’s home but there’s just one thing left to do…move in.

First comes choosing the right people to help you move. Sometimes you choose wisely, but other times…

youre all fired

And no matter how early you get to the dorms, there never seems to be enough parking spaces.


Finally you’ve found a place to park, now comes the actual moving part. Is it just me or does move in day seem to be the hottest day of summer?

passing out

Once you finally get everything to the room you begin to play real life tetras with the furniture.

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But even after organizing everything to the best of your abilities, you come to the conclusion that you own way too much stuff.

why does everything

However, that’s not even the worst part. As you look around, you start to realize your roommate has too much stuff as well. How will this ever work?

Dont know what to do

Finally, the day is done and it’s time to say your goodbyes. Mom is usually crying and dad is usually giving the speech of how proud he is of you. To say the least, it’s an emotional time because no parent wants to see their babies grow up.


Ah. Now it’s time to relax in your new home. Welcome to the Auburn Family and may move in day be ever in your favor.

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