15 Signs You’re an Auburn Student

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As Auburn students we know the importance of work, hard work. Auburn University is ranked as the #1 hardest school to receive an “A” in the South/Midwest. We believe in education, which gives us the knowledge to work wisely and train our minds and hands to work skillfully. As Auburn students we are more than classmates, we are family, and like all families we share some family traits.

Here are the top 15 signs you are an Auburn student:

1. Football isn’t just a sport, its a religion

aubie in the outfeild

2. You stop the microwave at 0:01 just to get this feeling again

kick 6

3. You eat Chickfila for almost every meal and will wait in an hour long line for it

emma stone

4. Toilet paper is a item used for celebration

toilet paper

5. You’ve mastered the confusing layout of the Haley Center, well kind of…

giphy (1)

6. Your chaco tan is more than a little embarrassing


7. You spend more nights at RBD than your own bed


8. You consider hammocking a hobby


9. You’re more excited for a jumbo-tron than graduation


10. You know better than to try and sit in the Student Section of a Football Game (stand and cheer the whole time, no excuses)


11. Your water bottle holds more stickers than water


12. You’ve adapted to the Auburn heat

giphy (2)

13. You are obsessed with Aubie

giphy (4)

14. Your t-shirts could be considered dresses


15. “Boom” has become a staple in your vocabulary



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