10 Situations Every Auburn Fan Has Been In

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1. When you yell “War Eagle” to a complete stranger, and you have the

most amazing Auburn Family moment.  

giphy (1)

2.When you “War Eagle” a stranger…and they don’t “War Eagle” back.

3. When the Mic Man starts the “Bodda Getta” cheer.


4. When you forget to bring your shaker to the game.


5. Nerve racking situations at Auburn football games.


6. Losing a game  and still chanting “It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger”, and ALWAYS loving your team no matter the outcome. auburn-college-football-fan-2012-high-five-fail

7. When you want to sit at a game, but you’re in the student section.


8. When there’s not enough time on game day to do all of your favorite pre-game festivities. 

Tailgate, Toomer’s Lemonade, Tiger Walk, Shop at the AU Bookstore, etc.auburn gif 9. When jealous opposing teams say “Auburn just got lucky.”


10. Beating Bama
200 (6)

And then the after effect of  putting up with the sore losers.

200 (4)200 (5)

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