Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide

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Sorority Recruitment Guide

Sorority Recruitment can be more stressful than picking your college. What to wear, what to say… But take a deep breath, it is actually fun! You are about to find your part of the Auburn Family and sisters who will be there by your side no matter what. To make sure you have a low stress recruitment, we’ve made a complete survival guide for you!

What to bring:


1. Tote bag

It’s always good to bring a tote or large purse to hold all of your things. It doesn’t have to match your outfit because you can’t bring bags into parties, so maybe pick a unique pattern to make yours more easily spotted in the field of bags.

2. Notebook

You might think you’ll remember details from each party, but I promise you won’t. Bring a notebook and after each party take a couple minutes to write down your thoughts. It helped me to write down little things like the colors of the chapter room, the conversation topic, or the sorority’s mascot to help differentiate between sororities.

3. Umbrella

Welcome to Auburn, Alabama. If you haven’t noticed yet, our weather has a mind of its own. So make sure to have an umbrella or raincoat because rain will come when you least expect it!

4. Comfy Shoes

We all want to put our best foot forward, but that can be hard when your feet are crippled by the super cute, yet incredible uncomfortable heels you are wearing. To keep from having sore feet, I brought flip flops to wear between parties. A lot of my friends simply wore flats to avoid this issue, but I was stubborn and demanded heels, so I was thankful to have a change of shoes in my bag!

5. Snack

Recruitment is on a tight schedule and the lunch hour may be at a time you aren’t used to. Bring a healthy snack for a midmorning to afternoon pick me up!

6. Mints

After a snack, or lunch, you’ll need to freshen your breath. Don’t chew gum. If you forget to spit it out, you could be smacking through the next party. Not so cute. Mints are a good choice because they freshen your breath but dissolve quickly!

7. Water bottle

Drink water throughout the day so you don’t get dehydrated. If you learn anything from this list, let it be this. You will need water; it’s incredibly hot.

8. Emergency Kit

Have a small bag in your tote as an emergency kit. I always kept safety pins for potential wardrobe malfunctions, bobby pins because humidity takes over, and makeup for touch ups. Other things to include are medicine, like Advil, bandaids, headphones, and portable phone chargers. This little bag could save a life.

9. Tiger Card

Your tiger card will get you into buildings and allow you buy food on campus. You might as well start this habit early because you’ll live off this card once school starts!

Recruitment Week


Ice Water Teas

These parties will take up the first and second day of rush. Ice Water Teas are cute-casual so you can wear skirts, rompers, or sundresses. You will visit each of the sororities for 25 minutes. It is a very loud and fun couple of days! They are called “Ice Water Teas” because each sorority will give you a glass of water. You can drink it or just hold it; it won’t make a difference. They care about you, not what you do with the water! This will be your first impression of each sorority so keep an open mind and take a lot of notes.

97896F13-F853-4C7C-8CC6-84AD1DD95CE3Philanthropy Round

The third and fourth days will be centered around each sorority’s philanthropy. You will attend a maximum of twelve parties, each lasting 35 minutes long. Philanthropy is a large part of sorority life. You will learn a lot about each sorority through their service projects. Getting dressed for this round is easy because Panhellenic provides t-shirts. You just need to find some cute shorts/skirt and sandals or tennis shoes.

Sisterhood Day

This round takes place on the 5th day. You will wear nicer outfits suitable for church. Sisterhood Day will show you each sorority’s personality. This was my favorite day because it has a fun, outgoing atmosphere. You will visit a maximum of seven parties for 55 minutes each. You will learn about each sorority’s involvement on campus and watch presentations. Try and wear something easy to get up and down in since many sororities will have you sitting on the floor.


Preference Day

Preference Day takes place on the 6th day. This round is a lot more serious than the other rounds. Since the atmosphere is that of a wedding or formal church event, you will dress to match. This will be your dressiest outfit.* You will speak to girls from up to three sororities for an hour each. This round can be emotional because you are choosing which sorority you want to be in. Some girls cry, but don’t feel pressured to get emotional if that is not your personality; it won’t effect your placement.

*Don’t wear Prom or Formal dresses…


Today you with gather with all of the other Potential New Members to receive your bids. Once you open your bid,  you will go, well run, to your new home to meet your sisters! There isn’t a specific dress code, but most people wear shorts and a t-shirt. Your sorority will give you a shirt to change into so I’d advise wearing shorts that match a lot of different things – there will be TONS of pictures! You and your family will be greeted by your “big sister” for the day and attend a reception in the chapter room.

IMG_000810436168_871853169511144_6844399762942824001_nMy Advice: Go into Recruitment with an open mind. Forget the stereotypes, reputations, and the overzealous guidance from your Great Aunt Sally. Give each one an equal chance, because every Auburn sorority has something wonderful and unique to offer. I had never heard of my sorority when I went through recruitment, and now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else! 

Click here to register for Auburn Fall 2015 Recruitment

Click here to learn more about Auburn Panhellenic

Check out Auburn’s sorority’s websites:

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Xi Delta

Chi Omega

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Gamma

Delta Zeta

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Delta

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Phi Mu

Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Kappa

Zeta Tau Alpha


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