10 Reasons Why Auburn Summers are AUSOME

Written by Ashton Guy AU Bookstore Staff

1. No traffic! 

Downtown and College St. are almost always wide open…unless there’s road work or construction. Regardless, it still takes a maximum of 10 minutes to reach any point in town . Welcome to Mayberry.


2. Pool time, all the time.

And you can finally find a chair!


3. You can grab your  chicken sandwich or vanilla frappuccino in a matter of seconds. 

We know you. Chickfila and Starbucks aren’t just a way of life-they’re a means for survival. Even if that means standing in line for 30+ minutes for some caffeine or waffle fries. Luckily, in the summer, you don’t have to. Summer in Auburn means 5 minutes to fresh food and waking up. This is a luxury we do not take lightly.


4. Lighter class load=longer Netflix binges. 

Let’s be honest…you’re going to rot your brain on Netflix either way. But in the summer, that nagging twinge of binge guilt melts away.


5. It’s a time to grow closer to friends. 

You have your fall friends and your summer friends. Summer friends are the ones  edgy enough to not go home until they need to do laundry. So enjoy those “Bachelorette” viewing parties before everyone is swamped again in the fall.

Guys, I’m talking to you too.


6. That class you’re dreading will only last a matter of weeks. 

Rip off the bandaid and rock your summer.


7. Everyone in town is counting down to football season. 

Let’s be cheesy…you have your Auburn people to count on and you never have to count alone.


8. But if you’re not into football, this is a nice break for you too.

Who are you, anyway?


9. Rent is really really cheap. 

Those who stay for the summer, rarely pay for the summer. Desperate tenants will sublet their apartments for $100 a month and a jar of Nutella.

james franco

10. Congratulations, you’re a true Auburn resident. 

You now live in Auburn 12 months out of the year. This is YOUR TOWN, and in the summer, you run it.

dancing kid 2

Take this as an important lesson, AU students. If you have the choice, always stay in Auburn during the summer!


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