Tiger Talk: What Auburn Fans Say vs. What We Actually Mean

Written by Ashton Guy AU Bookstore Staff

We Tigers know that Auburn campus life can be a world of its own. This post is a guide to incoming freshmen and an explanation for all friends of the Auburn family who still don’t understand why we yell “War Eagle” and root for the Tigers. For your and their convenience, we decoded a few commonly used phrases.

What we say: “There are a lot of people on the Haley Concourse.”

What we mean: The Haley Concourse is a literal swarm of overzealous organizations throwing flyers, fire, and themselves at you.

Okay, there aren’t really flame throwers. Plan an alternate route nonetheless.

Why we use it: We want to express our annoyance at the hoards of people without being an outright wet blanket. We also want to warn you.


What we say: “War Eagle”

What it means: “War Eagle” signifies a myriad of things. It can be a greeting, a battle cry, or a risk-free “I love you”.

  • When you say hello to a stranger,
    • “War Eagle.”
  • When you correctly answer a question,
    • “War Eagle.”
  • When you witness a miracle in Jordan Hare,
    • “War Eagle.”
  • When she says yes to a first date,
    • “War Eagle.”
  • When she says no to a second one,
    • “War Eagle anyway.”

Why we use it: War Eagle is Auburn University’s battle cry. The Auburn spirit runs through our veins, and we just can’t help ourselves.


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What we say: “BOOM!”

What we mean: Football, touchdowns, and once again, miracles in Jordan Hare. 2015 is the year of the BOOM. And we’re coming for you.

Why we use it: We’re all on board the Gus Bus.


(And Muschamp just hopped on the Gus Bus as well: BOOM Brothers)ab51476a4d1ec503fc86647ac1cff3cf

What we say: “Auburn Family”

What we mean: The Auburn Family is a network of friendship and loyalty that stretches across generations and the globe. No matter where you move or who you become, The Auburn Family is always behind you and waiting with open arms to welcome you home.

Why we use it: There is no word more fitting than “family” to express the loyalty between Auburn fans, students, and grads. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.


What we say: “Gotta have your Momma’s Love.”

What we mean: It’s been a whole week and you still haven’t called your Momma. Shame on you.

Okay, what we really mean is you’re away from home subsisting on peanut butter and ramen (hopefully not together). You’re tired, you’re hangry, and you’re in need of some love. You need Momma’s Love from Momma’s G’s– a uniquely Auburn tradition wrapped in a sandwich. And it’s made with-you guessed it- Momma’s Love.

Now go call your Momma.


What we say: “Need a second?”

What we mean: One of two things. Either

a) You just said something inane and we are both harassing you and giving you a second to catch up or

b) You’re a Bama fan and we’ve inserted this in the conversation at the first possible opportunity.

Chances are, it’s option “b”. Therefore, you do naturally need a second. Just ask Saban.






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