Fall Semester As Told By The Sharks of Shark Week

1. Trying to walk on the Concourse during Syllabus Week

sharks swimming from above

2. Getting lost in Haley Center, again


3. You finally get to class and realize you’re the only upperclassmen in a class of Freshmen

Whale Shark in fish

4. But your day turns around when you spot your favorite football player and follow him to class in hopes of a selfie

swimmer following shark

5. A few weeks later you try to impress your cute classmate 

Great White Jump

…but you actually looked like Left Shark from Katy Perry’s halftime show

left shark

6. Being back to school has you eating everything in sight

Shark eating seal

Even things you know you shouldn’t

Shark eating boat

Because you haven’t readjusted to your culinary freedom yet

shark eating pizza

7. It’s finally football season and you cant help but scream about it

ezgif.com-add-text (2)

8. So you and 87,000 of your closest friends pack the stadium to watch the game

sharks surrounded by fish

9.The excitement haults when your first exam comes and you realize how much studying you have to do

Shocked Jaws zoom

10. But after it’s over you relax because it wasn’t nearly as scary as you thought it would be

petting shark

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