Summer on The Plains

auburn_015Summer in Auburn- it is the best of times and it is the worst of times. Summer means cookouts, swimming, and vacations. However, summer also means blazing heat and inevitable sweating. Here, we take a look at a summer on The Plains.

Walking around in the Southern heat is dreadful. Is this sweat pouring down my face or tears?

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After walking outside, your body just can’t take it anymore. Fans are on full blast in Auburn during the summer.

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You’re still working on that summer bod…but it’s not going so well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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You spend your free time watching movies from your childhood. Hello, vintage Disney.

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When all of your friends are working on homework and you just want to hang out.Pay attention to me!!


When the whole squad gets together…you know it’s about to go down.

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And the best thing about summer? Football season is just around the corner.



Although it is dreadfully warm outside, it isn’t easy to beat a summer in Auburn. With summer coming to an end, we are only 13 days away from classes, and football season will be upon us in 31 days! Enjoy the rest of summer, stay cool, and War Eagle!

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Top 10 reasons to get excited for Auburn football gameday 2016

I’d imagine Saturdays filled with tailgating, cheering in Jordan Hare, and good food are enough to get the average fan geared up for Auburn football this fall. But, just in case that still hasn’t sold you, here are ten reasons to be excited for the start of the 2016 season.

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 The Schedule

Auburn will start the 2016 football season with five straight home games in a row, opening with defending national runner-up Clemson on September 3rd and concluding with Louisiana -Monroe on October 1st. This is the Tigers’ longest opening home stand since 2005. Momentum is everything in college football, and if Auburn can get off to a strong start in 2016 with several home wins in a row, then the Tigers should be in much better shape when they hit the tough road games in the latter half of the schedule.


The crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium

Watching Auburn football with 87,451 of your closest friends? What more could you ask for?!

The crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium might be one of the more underrated fan bases in the SEC. The 87,451-seat stadium is loud- and even more so with its vibrating sound system and college football’s largest scoreboard. The Tigers feed off that energy. Being able to rely on a loud home-field advantage at Jordan-Hare Stadium for games against LSU and Texas A&M can be a huge advantage.

All the miracles that could happen this year in Jordan-Hare Stadium

When it comes to the Tigers, I think its safe to say we never truly know whats going to happen.

 Being featured on jumbotron

After the new edition in Jordan-Hare stadium, the largest jumbotron in college football, I think it’s fair to say that it’s on all our bucket lists to get featured on the jumbotron during a home game. Whether its cheering, making a silly face, or mimicking the “mustache guy”  we will do whatever it takes, even if we have to slip the cameraman a $20. It is worth it.

Reveal of hype video

The reveal of the hype video is something that we as fans just can’t wait for every year, as it reminds us that the season is right around the corner! The hype video is definitely something to look forward to this season.

Auburn-Tigers-Hype-Video-2015-1024x535 Tailgating 

Tailgating in Auburn is a unique experience full of tradition, anticipation, and entertainment. The Auburn family takes tailgating to a whole new level. It has always been part of what makes games on the plains so special. Whether it’s reunions with old friends, meeting new friends, watching your children enjoy the day, or eating ALL of your favorite foods, tailgating is something we cant wait for.

Besides, tailgating seem may like everyday food, but coincidentally it taste better on gamedays.


 Our fans  make Auburn’s gameday experience the best in college football. Auburn fans are some of the rowdiest in the south and we make it known that we love our team. From tailgating starting Thursday night to meeting in Montgomery to send the team off at the break of dawn on gameday mornings, it’s fair to say that Auburn fans are die hard fans. Seeing all of the cute babies dressed in orange and blue, students with painted jerseys, and even young fans dressed as members of the marching band…. What more could you ask for?!

Reveal of gameday buttons at the AU Bookstore

The bookstore offers FREE gameday pins for each game. One of the most highly anticipated Auburn Football traditions is collecting your gameday pin at the AU Bookstore, and to see what the mystery slogan is. Our gameday button slogans always make fun of the other teams and are usually pretty clever!  We are located in Haley Center on campus and we are open on home gamedays. We offer unique Auburn apparel and collectibles that are hard to find anywhere else!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.22.02 PM.png

Flight of Nova

Auburn’s “War Eagle” battle cry and eagle mascot dates back as far as 1892. But the first official War Eagle mascot came in 1930, and the eagles’ pregame flights around the stadium began in 2000. The eagle that currently soars in Jordan-Hare is Nova.

Aubies’ Costumes

Women love him, children adore him, and men want to be him. It’s Aubie! A popular character among Auburn fans and one of the most animated mascots in the country, Aubie is the living spirit of AuburnHave you seen his wardrobe? Aubie is the essence of style. Whether he needs to fight crime, put on a magic show, or propose to an unsuspecting Auburn woman he is always prepared with the most dapper dress. Who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

Who will be our starting quarterback?

Big quarterback battles with multiple names have been nothing new for Auburn in the time Gus Malzahn has been on the coaching staff. But this one has the potential to be the most wide-open one yet. With John Franklin III, Jeremy Johnson and Sean White all battling for the starting job for Auburn football, we have a lot of uncertainty but we have everything to give and nothing to lose!

GameDay in the life of an Auburn University Marching Band Member

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For the Auburn University Marching Band, marching on football Saturdays starts long before game day. Week-in and week-out, band members spend hours nailing routines, memorizing steps and mentally preparing for the task ahead of them.

Lets walk in the shoes of a member on Gameday….

GameDay Morning Practices

When the sun rises above Jordan Hare stadium on gameday morning, most Auburn fans are still asleep. But not the Auburn Marching Band, before sunrise, we are already hard at work preparing for our performances ahead. Gameday practices last two – three hours and get us excited for the day ahead!

Ending rehearsals with the Alma Mater and a giant ‘War Eagle’

After every gameday rehearsal, the band links together to hear a pep talk from the band director, Dr. Spurlin, and to sing the Alma mater. This tradition is one of our favorites because we have a moment to reflect together on what we have worked so hard on in the previous weeks.  The Auburn family is one thing, but the Auburn Band family is a family in itself. We bond through the heat, fatigue of practice and a common goal, making us a family of support that we can fall back on no matter what.

 Tiger Walk, Pep Rallys, and March Around

The band breaks up into four smaller spirit bands in the hours leading up to home games. Each band can be found in one of four areas: Wallace Hall infront of the Auburn Arena, beside the Auburn Wellness and Recreation Center, beside the Student Center, or at the corner of Sanford Avenue and Donahue Drive known for being the location of Tiger Walk. The four bands then congregate at the intersection on Donahue and Heisman for a pep rally and then enter the stadium together. Then before pregame, we gather to do a full march around the stadium playing ‘War Eagle’ and Glory.

 Fans are a favorite part of a a band members gameday!

We all know, Auburn has the best fans!

R.A.T. Program

Auburn welcomes its new members with a program called the R.A.T. program (Rookie Auburn Tiger). Designed to help ease the transition from high school to college, the program assigns a R.A.T. mom to each freshman boy and a R.A.T. dad to each freshman girl. Family duties include: mentoring, marching and music help, campus directions, the works. Basically, the R.A.T. program gives you an automatic friend to help you figure out if that cute guy or cute girl is flirting with you. They also help getting waters and necessities to members before pregame and halftime and various functions.

2016 R.A.T. Leaders


Marching out of the tunnel for pregame is one of the greatest things in the entire world; there’s no way to share the feeling that you get. The crowd is on its feet as the band hits the familiar notes of “War Eagle.” The band begins its faced paced high-step march down the field as the crowd claps and sings along “War Eagle, fly down the field, ever to conquer, never to yield.” You can’t put it into words. We have such an adrenaline rush when we come out and hear the crowd.


The AUMB requires planning and countless hours of practice to create a successful show. Four goals members try to follow are performance, ambassadorship, spirit and enjoyment. We always want to be great ambassadors for Auburn because we’re wearing the colors, and we feel like we’re carrying on the tradition of many, many years. We want to have great spirit and keep the spirit of Jordan-Hare alive and electric. And then after all that, we want to enjoy our experience in the band.

Playing in the stands

The band helps to create the atmosphere of Auburn Football, celebrating every first down, touchdown and triumph of the season. The ‘tiger eyes’ have choreographed routines for each song the band plays. The band plays traditional songs such as War Eagle, Glory, Tiger Rag, and Word Up while adding new favorites like Cant Hold Us.

Making friends that last a lifetime

Through being apart of the AUMB, you meet your best friends who become your support system and family. I have met the girls who will be in my wedding through this great organization. It is truly an experience that you will never forget.

 My name is Rachel Ware and I am honored to be entering my fifth year as a majorette in the AUMB. The AUMB is truly a group of dedicated and determined students who set high standards for themselves and the friends you make and the wonderful experiences you have creates a lasting, positive impact on your life. Being a part of this great  organization is an experience of a lifetime and has made my college experience so wonderful. We hope you enjoy watching the AUMB perform in the 2016-2017 football season!

Our Top 5 Iron Bowl Moments

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Thanksgiving has passed and you are stuffed from your favorite home cooked meals. Now there is only one more craving to satisfy, beating Alabama during the Iron Bowl. There is no greater feeling than having a years worth of bragging rights, and replaying the game over and over in your mind. And that is only if you are not actually re-watching the game at home to relive the glory. Iron Bowl knows no season record,  and there’s no doubt that this game tends to bring about miracles.

Here is a list of our top 5 Iron Bowl moments in Auburn history that really shows what miracles look like…

1. “Punt Bama Punt”- 1972

Thanks to Bill Newton, and David Langner for two amazing punt block returns the final Score came to Auburn 28- Alabama 27


2. “Bo Over The Top”- 1982

The stunning Freshman, Bo Jackson, takes a fourth-down one yard plunge to bring the final score to Auburn 23- Alabama 22


3. “The Sack Game”-2005

How many different ways can you sack Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle? 11 to be exact. Final Score Auburn 28- Alabama 18

The_Sack_Game_Auburn_vs_Alabama_2005 (3)


4. “The Camback”-2010

Cam Newton brings Auburn back from a 24 point deficit to an amazing Victory with a final score of Auburn 28-Alabama 27


5. “Kick Six”-2013

I think we all remember what happened during this game. Chris Davis takes the ball 100 yards for the winning touchdown bringing the score Auburn 34- Alabama 28

Kick six gif


Auburn Traditions: Burn the Bulldog

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Auburn-Georgia is the South’s oldest rivalry. According to legend the first Auburn-Georgia match up, on February 20, 1892, was the day the “war eagle” battle cry originated. The two teams have played nearly every year since that historic day.

Auburn vs. Georgia is my personal Iron Bowl. I grew up ‘behind enemy lines’ in Atlanta, Georgia: the land of red, black, and bulldogs. But my mom and dad made sure to keep Auburn tradition alive in our house. I learned the fight song before my ABC’s, rolled neighborhood trees after Auburn wins, and burned a paper bulldog before every Georgia game in the tradition of “Burn the Bulldog.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.49.41 PM

“Burn the Bulldog” was a parade and pep rally held the Friday before the Auburn vs. Georgia football game. Sororities, fraternities, and dorms would make crepe paper and chicken wire floats and parade them through the street of Auburn. The last stop being a pep rally on the edge of campus. Students yelled and cheered for each float as they were tossed into a bonfire. Music played, the cheerleaders performed, and the crowd chanted along.


When my parents were at Auburn the floats were so large it took large groups of men to carry them, but in my family we just build a life-size bulldog from newspaper. The Friday night before the game we have a small bonfire, always burning our paper bulldog head first. Mom says that is the only way to bring good luck and football wins. Every dog  has his day, but we do our part to make sure it’s not Saturday!


The official “Burn the Bulldog” festivities were suspended in the early 2000s because of bonfire accident at Texas A&M. Even though the bonfire celebration is no longer a large scale tradition, on my Friday night my family will be gathered around our fire-pit burning our paper bulldog, singing songs and chanting cheers. I hope it doesn’t rain, because nothing stinks like a wet Dawg.

23 Former Auburn Athletes we would like to see come home for Homecoming

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Homecoming is arriving and this means our tailgates will be bigger and our pride will be even stronger. This is a time for our Auburn Family to bond closer and reminisce of the “good ole days.” Speaking of “good ole days,” I’ve listed some former Auburn Athletes that have made an impact on Auburn University. These athletes have given us hope, pride, and more than just one reason to believe in Auburn and love it.

These are a few of the greats that we would like to see come home for Homecoming…

Ben Tate #44

Ben Tate

Bo Jackson #34

Bo Jackson

Carnell “Cadillac” Williams #24

Cadillac Williams 2

Cam Newton #2

Cam Newton

Carlos Rogers #14

Carlos Rogers

Dameyune Craig #16 (Now Coach Craig to our Auburn Tigers)


Devin Aromashodu #1

Devin Aromashodu

Frank Thomas #87

Frank Thomas

Joe Cribbs #20

Joe Cribbs

Junior Rosegreen #4

Junior Rosegreen

Nick Fairley #90

AUBURN, AL - OCTOBER 16: Defensive lineman Nick Fairley #90 of the Auburn Tigers celebrates a play during the game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Jordan-Hare Stadium on October 16, 2010 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images) Original Filename: 105995412.jpg

Nick Marshall #14

Nick Marshall

Pat Sullivan #7 Pat Sullivan

Ronnie Brown #23

Ronnie Brown

Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy Gains

Stephen Davis #48

Stephen Davis

Takeo Spikes #55

Takeo Spikes

Terry Beasley #88

Terry Beasley

Tracy Rocker #74

Tracy Rocker

Tre Mason #21

Tre Mason

Tucker Frederickson #20

Tucker Frederickson

Charles Barkley #34

Charles Barkley

James Brooks #21

James Brooks


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Things we would like to see featured on the new jumbotron

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I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready to see the new jumbotron in action this Saturday during the first home-game against Jacksonville State. Every time I ride by the stadium I am amazed at how big our new screen is, and how it will be virtually capable of anything. This got me to thinking….. What would be awesome to see featured on the jumbotron?

 Jumbotron operator, if you are reading: This is what we’d like to see on the largest video screen in college football this season.

How about featuring the run-out. Nothing gets me more emotional than seeing the Auburn Tigers run out into the stadium. The dramatic fog and the roaring of the fans in the stadium. AH!JT runout

And speaking of roaring fans…how about the interesting game day attire we see in the student section? (Keep doin’ you, guy with the painted Tiger stripes and Tiger fangs, you’re awesome)

JT student section

Then comes the soaring of the eagle. Does anyone else get as inspired as I do? WAARRRR EEAAGGGLLLEEE HEY!

JT eagle

And of course, it’s always exciting to see Aubie in his many outfits. Do we have the best mascot or what?


The jumbotron must feature Coach Malzahn’s BOOM! Because we all know the plains will definitely be BOOM-ing this weekend.

JT gusAnd of course you can’t have a Coach Malzhan feature without a Coach Muschamp feature. Is it just me or is anyone else impressed with how calm Muschamp stays during the games?

JT muschamp better

But I know a way to get Muschamp to smile, feature the auburn flag in the end zone, because you know what that means. AUBURN SCORED! Oh how that beautiful flag waves in the wind.

JT Flag

Finally it’s half-time. This is normally a time for bathroom breaks and refills on your refreshments. But for Auburn fans, it’s time to be amazed by the Auburn University Marching Band. I’ve never seen knees so high.

JT Marching band

And don’t forget about half-time guest appearances. It would be pretty amazing to see Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, and of course Cam Newton’s smile featured on our spectacular jumbotron. It would feel like we are standing right next to them.

JT bo, sullivan, and cam

I hate to be rude, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an upset Nick Saban featured on the jumbotron come November 28th. Then again, that may be hard to catch since he has a permanent mad face.

JT nick saban

Back to more appealing faces. Nothing soothes the soul more than to see a young Auburn fan. He looks so focused!


How about another miracle? Another kick-six, another Hail Mary pass. We want to the dramatic Auburn football moments that make your jaw drop. We want athleticism, we want dominance, we want WOW, we want AUBURN FOOTBALL.

miracle jumbotron

And right before the game is over, the jumbotron must feature the greatest fans in the SEC coming together to chant “It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger”.

JT fans

See you at the game Auburn family. And announcement to the jumbotron operator: if it doesn’t get featured on the jumbotron, did it really even happen?


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